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How to navigate Youtube videos

Michelle Osborne

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While all of the resources in class will be on either Vimeo or Zoom, instructors will occasionally use Youtube videos as outside resources. This tutorial will walk you through some of the options you may find for navigating those videos.


Please note that videos may have some or all of these options depending on what the original account uploaded them with. So if you don't find an option (like closed captions), it's because the person who uploaded it without those options. It is, unfortunately, completely out of FYA's control.


First, the videos that will be shared on FYA, will be embedded into a post. You will see this at the top left of the video:




If you click on this, it will open the video in another tab on the actual YouTube page. You can view it on YouTube or just watch it on the FYA page, either one works.


Once you start playing the video on FYA or open it in YouTube, you will several options at the bottom of the video:




or this on YouTube itself:





Let's run through all of them!


1. The first icon is the play/pause button. That one should be self-explanatory!


2. The next is the volume button. This volume is not the same as the volume on your computer, so if you have the volume turned all the way up on your computer, but the video still seems soft, check this area. You can change the volume in one of two ways. 


Hovering over it will bring up a slider to the right of it.




You can move that slider around to change the volume (moving it to the right increases the volume).


You can also click on the speaker icon itself to mute the video. To unmute, just click on it again. [keyboard shortcut for muting: m]




3. Moving to the right bottom of the screen, you'll see the "CC" button: image.png.4d1444e70eb1d0744f763c421e31791b.png  This toggles the closed captions on and off. Please note that these may be auto-generated, so may not be perfect. Some videos will be better than others for this! [keyboard shortcut: c]


4. The next icon (the one that looks like a little gear) is the settings icon.




The options here:


Annotations - This is automatically toggled on. Annotations are clickable images and text that are added to a video to encourage viewers to take an action at specific time points in the video. These are those text boxes, images, or video previews that pop up while watching the video. They might do things like suggest another video to watch, direct you to the videographer's website, subscribe to their channel, etc. You can toggle these on or off.


Playback speed - There are many reason to change the playback speed. You may want to get through sections of the video faster without just clicking ahead in it (thus allowing you to listen and find the part you're looking for). You can increase the speed by as much as 2x. You may also want to slow it down if there's something you missed. This may be especially important when someone is demonstrating how to do something in Photoshop or Lightroom. If you miss it at the normal speed, go back and watch it at a slower speed. You can slow it down to as much as 1/4 of the speed (.25x). (Note that this does not change the pitch of the video, for those who remember high speed dub!).


Subtitles/CC - These are additional subtitling options.




In this case, you can opt for auto-generated captions in English or you can select "auto-translate" and pick any language (as these are auto translated, they may not be very good, but the option is there!).


Quality - Videos are default to 480p as a quality. You may click on this to select to watch the video at a higher quality (up to 1080 if the video offers it) or reduce the quality if you don't want to use as much data or you have a slow internet connection.



Other options that may appear


image.png.01c20fe1642e9ea08d496b1914550a10.png - This appears on the bottom left side of the video, next to the play/pause button only if you're watching the video on YouTube. Clicking this will send you to the next video in the person's list. Note again that this will not appear on the FYA page where the video is embedded and won't be particularly useful for class situations, but I wanted to make sure you knew what it did.


image.png.c7707d77f28ec4130be6e51e8316eefd.png -- You'll see this on the FYA page after you start playing the video. Clicking this will open the video (beginning from where you left off) in Youtube.


image.png.4dba9cc7bf93332627e2e8035cad2f27.png -- This is the "miniplayer" icon. This will take the video down to a small pop up on the bottom right of your screen. To bring it back to the previous screen, hit this in the upper left corner of the video: image.png.0c2d890f133494c9905560d33758dcb2.png [Keyboard shortcuts: i]


image.png.54e35a0ca058311322227dfc3112ad19.png -- This is the "theatre mode" icon and will enlarge the video to wide screen (think of it a little as partway between the standard video and full screen). To return to the normal mode, click on the icon (which now looks like a wide screen box) again: image.png.ff00dd1dfa664882a3dcdc313f0fd2be.png [keyboard shortcut: t]


image.png.1f0f2457396c77743a0840c9e7b4accd.png - If you have your computer set up to be able to send videos to a TV, this will cast the video to that TV.


image.png.90b1cd7e5bd2f63ec2fd91b47d0b9f02.png - This last icon on the far right bottom of the screen is the "full screen" icon. Click on this to view the video using the full screen of your computer. To return to the regular screen, hit the "Esc" key on your keyboard or select this icon in the lower right of the video: image.png.7bc11fca14943103ac2af0f82b59dfcd.png  [keyboard short cut: f]






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