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How to navigate Vimeo videos

Michelle Osborne

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All of our in-house videos will be uploaded to Vimeo and embedded into the course content here in the class forum. Vimeo offers several options to customize the video for your own comfort. This tutorial will walk you through some of the options available and how to find them.


All of the options for the videos are located on the lower right corner of the video.




Here's a walk through of how they all work:


1. The first one is the volume control for the video. This is not the volume control on your computer. So if, for instance, your computer volume is up all the way, but the volume still seems low, check here.




You can click on the different bars to raise or lower the volume (the bigger the bar, the louder the volume).


But also, while the video is playing, you can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to raise and lower the volume.




2. The CC button is used to toggle the closed captions on/off the video. When you click on it, it will come up with the options. In the case of FYA videos, the options will be "English (United States)" or "None."




3. The little gear icon next to the CC button allows you to choose two different settings:


Quality of the video




There are numerous options here. 720p is the default, but if you're running on a slow internet connection or using your phone's data plan, you may want to choose a lower quality video to view.






This one is especially handy.


You can speed up the video by as much as 2x (note that it only speeds up the video, but will not raise the pitch, for those of you who remember high speed dub all too well!). You may want to use this if there are parts of the video you want to get through without having to just skip ahead or also if you just find the speaker speaks slower than you'd like (probably not a problem here, but something you may note for videos from elsewhere!).


You can also slow it down to as much as half the speed. This is what you may really want to make use of. For example, if Amy or Lisa are showing you how to do something and it goes by too quickly for you, you can go back, watch it at half the speed to really be able to see it. I cannot recommend using this enough! If you don't get it the first time, watch it at half-speed and see if it makes more sense!


4. The final icon allows you to view the video at full screen.




Just click on it and the video will pop out and take up the entire computer screen. This is also very handy, especially for those tricky things you're being shown in Photoshop or Lightroom. Personally, I suggest watching the entire video full screen.


When it's in full screen mode you can either hit the "Esc" key to return to the smaller video or hover over it and you'll see this: image.png.05687b4593621fa9ab0db4c2c3c19944.png  Click on that and it will return you to the smaller video.


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