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How to navigate Zoom videos

Michelle Osborne

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Zoom  gives you a handful of options to customize your playback. Here I'll run you through the possibilities so you can watch the videos in the best way for you.


All of the options for the Zoom videos appear on the bottom of the video itself. You'll see a bar that looks like this:




From left to right:


1. This one is probably obvious, but this is the playback/pause button and will tell you how far into the video you've gone:


image.png.5fdeb53af87f4073a7de019c3209e9bd.png   image.png.ee8eafc6d342e710a758f96ba92e0d14.png



2. If you're having trouble with the volume (e.g. you have the volume at "100" on your computer but it's still soft or not playing), check the next icon. Zoom videos have their own volume controls that are in addition to the ones on your computer.


If you hover over it, you'll see a little slider to the right. Moving it to the right will increase the volume.




If you hover right over the little speaker icon, you'll see a pop-up that says "mute."  Click on the icon to mute the volume entirely (not that you'll ever want that option, but you never know!). It will then look like this: image.png.b1c6fe708ee5684a735ff43cc3b6d6e4.png   Clicking it again, will unmute the video.


3. On the right bottom side of the video, you'll see more icons. The first of those will allow you to change the speed of the video. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to slow it down, but if you want to get through sections faster without just trying to skip through the video and guessing where to start the playback, this will help. You can choose 1.5x and 2x the speed. Just for info's sake, this does not make the voices higher (those of you who are old enough to remember high speed dub know what I'm talking about!). It just speeds up the video.




4. The next one "CC" is for closed captions.  You can simply click on this one to turn the subtitles on or off. 


5. The next one is a Zoom-specific thing. It allows you to switch between speaker view (where the current speaker takes up the whole screen) and gallery view (where you can see all of the people on the call). I would recommend keeping it in speaker view as there's not really a "gallery" for these.


6. The last one allows you to toggle full screen on and off. 




Hit it to view the video at full screen size.


Then you can either hit the "Esc" key to return it to the smaller size or hit this in the lower right corner of the full size screen:





One other thing you might notice in the Zoom videos. If you hover over the playback bar, you'll see some white dots. Those white dots show you where the presenter started and stopped sharing their screen. 




So if you're looking specifically for where the instructor was showing  you something, you can click on the "sharing started" sections to view them.





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