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How to follow a post you haven't replied to

Michelle Osborne

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Sometimes you may be interested in following a post that you don't want to comment on or a post you can't comment on.  This is especially true for those who are taking the classes. There will be an "Announcements" post (letting you know content has been posted, the teacher's upcoming schedule for checking the forums, etc.) for each class at Focus Your Art. These are posts you cannot reply to, but will be important to follow so you get notified of important information.


So how to do that?


Click on any post on the forum. On the right side, you'll see this:




Note: If you're on the mobile website, this will appear at the bottom of the post.


If you click on "Follow" you will get a drop-down menu allowing you to choose how you receive notifications for the post:




You can follow a post publicly or privately. The forum automatically checks off "Let others see that I follow this". You can uncheck this to follow the post privately. 


The number next to "Follow" will go up, but it will not show your name. I followed this post privately, so this is what other forum members will see when they click on the number next to "Follow":




I am the "...and 1 other" part.


And just a note, at any point if you wish to change your following preferences or simply unfollow a post that you've followed, go back to that post and click on "Following":




You can click on "Unfollow" on the left or alter your preferences and select "Update preferences."





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