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How to set your notification settings for posts

Michelle Osborne

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The community forums are set up automatically to not follow any content. But many people like to get instant notifications when someone else replies to their topic, or they want to log into the site and see what new content is there from people interacting with their posts or posts they're interested in. The great thing about this forum is there are many ways to customize this for your own preferences.


So where are the notification settings?


Up at the top of the screen to the right of your name is a little picture of the earth. This is where all of the notifications are. Click on that. And then select "Notification settings."




On the next page you'll see several drop-down menu options for things like mentions, followed content, and a few other things. The "followed content" one is perhaps the most important, but you can change settings for anything to customize what content you get notified of.


If you click on the "Followed Content" section, it will open up all of your options.


Automatically follow new content I post: This is for any topics that you, yourself, start. So your questions, your homework thread if you're in a class, etc.

Automatically follow content I reply to: This is for any topics someone else has started, but that you have replied to. 



There are several ways to follow this content and in the next section you can set it up just how you want to:


Method to use for content I follow automatically

  -A notification when new content is posted: You will automatically get an e-mail or see a notification as soon as someone replies

  -One email per day with all new content from that day: If you prefer to get a daily digest of responses, choose this option.

  -One email per week with all new content from that week: If you prefer to get a weekly digest of responses, choose this option.

  -Do not send me notifications: This is the default option. Choose this if you prefer to go look for new content yourself.



You can then choose how you receive notification. 


Notification List: For those people who use Facebook, this should look familiar. That same little "earth" at the top of your screen will also notify you of new posts in topics you're following. When you log into the site, you'll see a number there if you have any notifications on content you are following.




If you click on that earth now, you'll see a drop down with your notifications listed. Anything new will be in bold. Anything you've previously seen, will not be. 




And just like Facebook, if you click on one of the notifications (new or old), it will take you directly to that post and that response.


The other nice thing about it is that it's instant. If I'm on the site and someone responds to my post, the number automatically goes up (or appears). It's real time notification when you're logged in and on the site!


Email: This is the other way you can received notifications. You will get an e-mail every time someone responds to a topic you're following.



You can also follow members (tutorial here).

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