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Photoshop Next Steps: Artistic Exploration

Let's get creative! 

Join the fun and learning today!

Take your Photoshop skills to new heights! Go beyond editing traditional images and explore your creative side!  This course will teach you the fundamentals of artistry in Photoshop and allow you to create wonderful imagery, become inspired, and more!  

Photoshop Next Steps - Artistic Exploration offers you the best of both worlds:  

  • On-demand, thoughtfully crafted tutorials to fit your schedule. 
  • A general Q&A & Discussion section for all students to use.
  • Ultimate Students receive weekly live webinars called "Study Halls" for Q&A about each lesson! 
  • Ultimate-level students also receive one-on-one instructional feedback by Lisa Langell on your submitted assignments 
  • Everything is then recorded so ALL students can enjoy and benefit from the course.


Instructor:  Lisa Langell

Are you craving something elevated?  Different?  Ready to stimulate your creativity and artistic side?   Or perhaps you have images that have sat on your hard drive way too long because you didn't know what to do with them, or you are looking to repurpose them!  Get ready to make the most of your imagery -- and create new images as well through this introduction to the artistic side of Photoshop!  This series explores Photoshop further and gives you tools and techniques to bring out entirely new ideas, looks and concepts that you can apply to your current portfolio -- or create entirely new pieces right from Photoshop!  

If you know the basics of Photoshop (see the prerequisites below) and are ready for new challenges and new artistic inspiration--this is the class for you!


1153748240_LL-2737-TouchofGold-web.thumb.jpg.a18d5d6e162493ad078773288257cfdd.jpg  535959321_MountainsandTrees.thumb.jpg.46457fddbbc0e2990f36c99a8d48aa45.jpg  LL-1904-poppiesandlupine-web.thumb.jpg.9a122fc6d9f98470f1d3b734c63e4a74.jpg


(Attendance not required.  All Study Hall Q&A sessions are also recorded)

Mon, April 4, 2022:  Live Kickoff webinar:  8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT / 4pm AK / 2pm HI
Mon, April 11:     Lesson 1 follow-up - Study Hall Q&A:  8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT 
Mon, April 18:     Lesson 2 follow-up - Study Hall Q&A:  8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT
Tue, April 26:       Lesson 3 follow-up - Study Hall Q&A:  8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT
Mon, May 2:        Mid-Class break
Mon, May 16:      Lesson 4 follow-up - Study Hall Q&A:  8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT
Mon, May 23:      Lesson 5 follow-up - Study Hall Q&A:  8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT


Prerequisite Skills:

To be successful in this class, students must have prior knowledge of skills taught in Photoshop Foundations including, but not limited to:

  • Importing an image into Photoshop
  • Making basic selections of objects using Object Selection
  • Making exposure, contrast, saturation and vibrance adjustments
  • Adjustments via the Adjustment Layers tool
  • Using “color picker”
  • Healing/cloning tools
  • Using layers and blending modes
  • Basic masking
  • Content aware fill




Enrollment Options:



Course Syllabus:

Each week’s lesson includes demonstrations of how Lisa uses the new skills in her workflow, an assignment to help you practice the skills introduced that week, and a live study hall session where Ultimate students can review the skills, ask questions, and get additional support.  Enhanced students will have access to the recording of the weekly study halls. Topics and weeks subject to change as necessary to meet the needs of the class. 


Week 1:  Creating your own Brushes from Shapes

  • Paint a forest by using brush shapes in the form of trees
  • Learn how to add your signature as a brush!


Week 2:  Learn to paint your own textures

  • Learn several free sources for brushes and how to import them to Photoshop
  • Learn how to group, save and export brushes
  • Paint your own unique textures with infinite possibilities
  • You will apply these textures to your Week 1 forest creation for amazing looks


Week 3: Repositioning subjects

  • Learn to use Transform tools
  • Explore how to use the basics of Liquify
  • Warp & Puppet Warp tools to bend, shape and adjust positioning of your subject


Week 4:  Hand Painting Florals and Grasses

  • Learn the mixer brush and how to use it
  • Learn to use the smudge brush
  • Oil Paint filter
  • Using an image of a flower, you will learn to digitally paint it for a beautiful, artistic look


Week 5:  Using Filter tools like NIK, DXO

  • An introduction to how these filter tools offer you infinite options for additional artistic looks that can take your digital artwork to yet another level.



Minimum requirement: 

Photoshop CC Photography Plan 20gb

(You can get a free trial here)

The Photoshop Photography Plan includes the software for Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Bridge) and which are all needed for this course.


Once you have obtained the plan, please insure you have downloaded and installed:

  • Photoshop 2022 (not Photoshop Elements)
  • Camera Raw (Or Lightroom)
  • Bridge (or Lightroom)
  • A Wacom Tablet, XP-Pen or similar is optional, but not required


If you have an older version of Photoshop, many of the techniques and tools will be similar, but I cannot guarantee a one-for-one match with the techniques and procedures taught in this class.  For best results, please install (or update) the most current version of Photoshop.






Register quickly as space for Ultimate Students is limited!   We look forward to seeing you at Focus Your Art!


There are no products that match your criteria.
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