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Lightroom Foundations

Class dates: TBD


This course will introduce you to the basics of post-processing using Adobe Lightroom Classic. Post-production work will emphasize enhancing our images, not "fixing" them.  However, the skills you learn in class will allow you to fix your photos if you don't get it exactly right in the camera.  


In Lightroom Foundations, you can expect to learn:

  • An easy, step-by-step approach to processing your photos
  • How to import and organize your images
  • Why RAW is so much better than JPG
  • How to analyze your photos so you know what changes to make to them
  • How to use the crop tool to make stronger images


Who is this class for?

  • Photographers who use Lightroom but find it overwhelming
  • Photographers who want to take more control over the way their images look
  • Photographers who shoot in RAW but feel they aren't able to make the most of it
  • Photographers who shoot in JPG and want to transition to RAW
  • Photographers who aren't sure why they should be processing their images
  • Photographers who have heard of Lightroom but are unsure about what they can do with it



Teaching Approach

  • Lectures are released once a week, along with a corresponding assignment that follows the lecture material. Ultimate students can submit images for each assignment as directed, as well as additional submissions with revisions to your images based on instructor feedback.  
  • Some assignments include step-by-step instructions to follow to demonstrate that the student understands a skill. Some are more open-ended, leaving more of the choices for the student to make in how they complete the assignment.
  • Lectures are primarily written, with supplementary videos from a variety of sources on YouTube.  Some videos may have subtitles, but it varies depending on the source.
  • Ultimate students will be able to attend weekly live zoom study hall sessions. 


Study Hall dates and times for Ultimate students

  • Kickoff - first day of class -  - 8E / 7C / 6M / 5P
  • Weekly study halls Thursdays at 8E / 7C / 6M / 5P


ULTIMATE:  $249 for 5 weeks

  • Access to pre-recorded and written instructional materials
  • Exclusive access to attend our Kickoff and live Group Study Hall live sessions
  • View all recordings of all Group Study Hall sessions
  • Read and respond to all posts in class-related forums 
  • Submit assignments for instructor feedback via the Assignment forum
  • Post questions and photos in the Discussion forums


ENHANCED: $149 for 5 weeks

  • Access to pre-recorded and written instructional materials
  • View all recordings of all Kickoff and Group Study Hall sessions
  • Read all posts in class-related forums 
  • Post questions and photos in the Discussion forum



Computer skills required to be successful in this class

  • Moderate level of comfort with computers in general
  • Understand the directory structure of your hard drive (where image files are located)
  • Where to find files downloaded from a web browser
  • How to upload photos to Google Photos album (tutorial available)
  • Create screenshots and upload them to a Google Photos album (tutorial available)


Class Supplies

Lightroom Subscription

  • You can sign up for a subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud software here: https://creative.adobe.com/plans?store_code=en&promoid=KSDPZ
  • Select the "Photography" plan for $10/month.  This will give you both Photoshop and Lightroom Classic.
  • Download and install Lightroom CLASSIC.
  • Enhanced students can follow along with the class with either Photoshop/Lightroom or Photoshop Elements, as long as they understand not all of the features will be available in Elements or older version of Lightroom/Photoshop. No class support is available for students who chose to use Elements or an older version of Lightroom. 


Monitor Calibration

You need to calibrate your laptop or desktop computer monitor to get the best and most consisitent color and brightness results from your post-processing.  If your monitor is not calibrated, neither one of us can be confident that the photo looks the same on your screen as it does on mine.  This is required equipment for all Ultimate students.


Please do not wait until class starts to order the calibration hardware.  It is not just software, it requires an actual physical piece of equipment that you may need to have shipped to you.  Order it as soon as possible and once it arrives, please calibrate your monitor. If you have problems, post in the Tech Support forum in the Class forums.




I know it's not inexpensive, but this is a piece of equipment you'll buy once.  I've been using the same one for years.  There are others out there, but this is the one I am familiar with and I trust the results.  


One other thing to be aware of is that the quality of your monitor will also have an impact on how your images look.  If you're working with an old monitor or laptop, it is probably not going to show you the full range of brights and darks that a newer monitor will. 





Week 1

  • Importing and Exporting images
  • Catalog Organization
  • RAW vs JPG


Week 2

  • Basic Controls
  • Lens Profile Corrections


Week 3

  • How to think about processing an image


Week 4

  • Crop Tool and Composition


Week 5

  • Practice with all the tools
  • Final project


There are no products that match your criteria.
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