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Focused Skills Single Lessons with feedback

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Focused Skills Single Lessons

The Power of Contrast
Increasing Impact and wow-factor in-camera and in the digital darkroom.

Instructor:  Lisa Langell

Start date:  On-Demand.  Join anytime!


Overview: Put the power of contrast into your images in-the-field and in post-processing!  This focused class is NOT about sliding the "contrast" slider in your editing software.  Rather, it's about an entire collection of techniques that will help you capture better images, understand how your audience perceives and image, and how to change it all for the better! 


BONUS:  Get One-on-one feedback!  Receive Q&A and personalized one-on-one feedback on your class assignment from Lisa Langell. 


Class duration: You will have one month, starting today, to complete the course and submit your questions and assignments for personalized feedback. (For example, you registered on February 12th, 2022 then you will have through March 11th, 2022 to complete the course.) 


Learning objectives:

  • Learn why contrast is so critically important
  • Know why simply adjusting contrast “sliders” in post-processing often doesn’t work to improve the overall look of an image
  • Understand how and where to use contrast to make impactful images 
  • Experience how contrast controls eye movement throughout an image
  • Learn both in-camera and digital darkroom techniques to create artful and more professional-looking and compelling images


Supplies needed:

  • Camera and images 
  • Post processing tool (demonstrations and instruction will be provided using  Camera Raw and Photoshop), but you may apply the general knowledge and translate the lesson to any tool you wish.


Testimonials from prior participants:


"Lisa is a wonderful teacher with a vibrant and captivating personality. Her presentation in this course was very professional and entertaining. The techniques presented were nothing short of inspirational. I can't wait to go back into my archives and create artistic masterpieces using the techniques she discussed."

-- Donna Haldas, Delaware


"Your class was simply inspirational! So much great content and you make everything so accessible. Super well done!!!!!

--Michael, Pennsylvania


I love your classes. They are packed with a lot of info and I like how you keep giving your input and ideas and you keep pumping us up with all your good info, etc. I can see why a lot of people I hear at our clubs talking about how they love your workshops and classes, etc. Keep up the good work!

-- Gary Vargo

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for this class. I have taken numerous classes, but I have learned more from you than any other class I have taken. Your easy demeanor makes learning fun and anxious for the next class. Please let me know when you have more classes available, I would love to take this further!" 

-- Robin Reardon 

1 product

Focused Skills Single Lessons with feedback

  1. $99.00/month for first
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