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Creating Photo Collages in Photoshop

with Amy Johnson

April 5 - May 9, 2021


I have been creating photo collages in Photoshop for my clients for almost 20 years. My clients are dog show exhibitors, so my collages all have dogs in them. Here are a few of my favorites.


985902967_COLLAGE_DLX_14364_314097_flashBrestcopy.thumb.jpg.f93093ca17f10cef18238ee7afc69d96.jpg  COLLAGE_13450_126635_flintManningV2.png.919a2fabf49345c6ca2d9c8728382578.png  


The great thing about collages is you can make them with ANY subject! If you want to make a collage of your family photos or birds or wildlife or pets,

you can do it! And I can show you how! 


If these styles aren't what you have in mind, bring samples of what you'd like to do to class and I can help you reverse engineer them to create them for yourself. (You must sign up at Ultimate to take advantage of this level of interaction.)


You can see more of my collages at my dog event photography website: http://greatdanephotos.com/shop/samples/sample_collages/




Week 1 - Blending Two Photos (April 5)

Review of Photoshop Layers & Masks

Photoshop Gradient Tool

Basic Blends with 2 photos


Week 2 - Basic Scrapbook Collages (April 12)

Photoshop Shape Tool

Photoshop Layer Fill

Photoshop Layer Styles for Shapes

Basic Scrapbook Collage

File Management


Week 3 - Adding Complexity to Blends (April 19)

Photoshop Brush Tool

Blended Collages with 3+ photos


Week 4 - Adding Text (April 26)

Photoshop Text Tool

Photoshop Layer Styles for Text

Adding Text to Collages


Week 5 - Creating and Using Collage Templates (May 3)

Sources of Templates

Template File Management

Terms of Use




ULTIMATE:  $249 for 5 weeks

Enrollment:  Limit 15

  • Access to pre-recorded and written instructional materials
  • Exclusive access to attend our Kickoff and live Group Study Hall live sessions
  • View all recordings of all Group Study Hall sessions
  • Read and respond to all posts in class-related forums 
  • Submit assignments for instructor feedback via the Assignment forum
  • Post questions and photos in the Discussion forums

ENHANCED: $149 for 5 weeks

Enrollment: Unlimited

  • Access to pre-recorded and written instructional materials
  • View all recordings of all Kickoff and Group Study Hall sessions
  • Read all posts in class-related forums 
  • Post questions and photos in the Discussion forum


This course is a blend of live and on-demand learning.   


Live Study Group Sessions (Ultimate Level Students Only*):  Dates and Times TBA, all sessions will be recorded and viewable after the live session. All live sessions are closed captioned.


*These sessions will be recorded for Enhanced-level student to view.




What to expect: 


1st WEEKLY GROUP STUDY MEETING (30 mins):  We will kick off the class with a live webinar meeting and meet-and-greet for Ultimate students*.


WEEKLY WRITTEN AND VIDEO TUTORIALS: (Approx. 30-60 mins per week)


SELF-GUIDED “HANDS-ON” ASSIGNMENT: (Approx. 2-4 hours): Engage in the week’s self-directed activities and assignment to practice what you’ve learned. Ultimate students can post their assignments for instructor review.


ZOOM GROUP STUDY MEETINGS* (60 mins/week):   

  • Ultimate students will meet each week for instructor-lead, live group dialogue.   
  • Discussion of your setup, workflow, gear, settings, vision, and provide answers to your questions.   


ONLINE CLASS FORUMS: contain the course material and facilitate assignment review between Ultimate students and the instructor. 


*Live sessions will be recorded for Enhanced-level student to view.


Access to content:  The course runs five weeks.  After the live class concludes, participants will have access to the course content 24/7 for one year from the start date.  




There are no products that match your criteria.
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