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Photoshop Foundations

Learn the basics of Photoshop plus Lisa's favorite techniques! Class starts February 21, 2022 !


Kickoff: Feb 21: Mon, 7pm ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT & AZ / 4pm PT
(Watch the replay anytime if you cannot attend live) 


Taking it one fun step at a time, Photoshop Foundations is a great way to see where Lightroom 2022 leaves off and Photoshop can begin!  This 5-week course will introduce you to an amazing skill set that will take your images to new levels of awesome! 

Lisa Langell’s instruction is clear, friendly, supportive and positive.  She gets to the point of what you really need to know, but explains things in the way you need to make them understandable.  Whether you are a PC or Mac user, this class is THE Photoshop class that people rave about! 

Who is this class for?   Beginner Level

This class is designed for the beginner who needs support and helpful instruction in a low-stress environment. Lisa will teach you the basics of Photoshop 2022 Creative Cloud (CC) in a way that is simple and empowering. Plus she will show you how she integrates these tools into her workflow, images, and creativity to process her work in beautiful ways!


Course Materials are delivered via weekly pre-recorded, easy-to-follow, short video tutorials you can watch and replay on your own schedule. 


  • USD $249:  Ultimate-Level Registration:  Students can bring questions and needs from each lesson to a live weekly study hall for assistance and lively discussion!
  • USD $149:  Enhanced-Level Registration:  Students will have access to the recordings of each study hall session. If you find that you need the direct interaction with Lisa and your classmates, you can upgrade to the Ultimate level as long as there are spaces still available at that level.


Teaching Approach:  Delivered via pre-recorded, easy-to-follow, short video tutorials you can watch and replay on your own schedule each week. 


Prerequisite Editing Skills or FYA classes:  None



Minimum requirement: 

Photoshop Photography Plan 20gb

(You can get a free trial here)

The Photoshop Photography Plan includes the software for Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Bridge) and which are all needed for this course.  It also includes Lightroom Classic, which is optional, but will be briefly introduced in this course for those who wish to use it.) 


Once you have obtained the plan, please insure you have downloaded and installed:

  • Photoshop 2022 (not Photoshop Elements)
  • Camera Raw
  • Bridge
  • Lightroom Classic  (Optional -- if you are already using Lightroom, you do not need Camera Raw) 


If you have an older version of Photoshop, many of the techniques and tools will be similar, but there is no guarantee a one-for-one match with the techniques and procedures taught in this class that is based on Photoshop 2022.  For best results, please install (or update) the most current version of Photoshop.



  • Access to pre-recorded and written instructional materials
  • Exclusive access to attend our Kickoff and live Group Study Hall live sessions
  • View all recordings of all Group Study Hall sessions
  • Read and respond to all posts in class-related forums 
  • Submit assignments for instructor feedback via the Assignment forum
  • Post questions and photos in the Discussion forums

    All live Study Hall sessions for Ultimate Students are also recorded.  Enhanced and Ultimate students can watch the replay anytime.  
    Week 1 Study Hall: Mon, Feb 28, 7pm ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT & AZ / 4pm PT
    Week 2 Study Hall: Mon, Mar 7, 7pm ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT & AZ / 4pm PT
    Week 3 Study Hall: Mon, Mar 14, 7pm ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT & AZ
    Week 4 Study Hall: Tues, Mar 22, 7pm ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT & AZ
    Week 5 Study Hall: Mon, Mar 28: 7pm ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT & AZ



  • Access to pre-recorded and written instructional materials
  • View all recordings of all Kickoff and Group Study Hall sessions
  • Read all posts in class-related forums 
  • Post questions and photos in the Discussion forum



Each week’s lesson includes demonstrations of how to use various tools in Photoshop.  Lisa also demonstrates how she uses these skills in her workflow, an assignment to help you practice the skills introduced that week, and a study hall session where Ultimate students can review the skills, ask questions, and get additional support.  Enhanced students will have access to the recording of the weekly study halls. Topics and weeks subject to change as necessary to meet the needs of the class. 


Lesson 1:  Week of Feb 21

  • Introduction to a basic Photoshop workflow, including making exposure, contrast and color adjustments 
  • Guidance to avoid over-processing an image 
  • Understanding RAW, JPG, PSD, and TIFF file types 
  • Best practices for working with and saving your image using Photoshop

Lesson 2:  Week of Feb 28

  • An introduction to “layers” and how to use them for special enhancements
  • Using an adjustment brush in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom to create various exposure effects
  • Using brushes:  Default brush types, how to switch brushes, how to change brush opacity, hardness and softness and the effects of doing so
  • Understanding the difference between saturation and vibrance adjustments—and how they impact your image quality
  • Using selection tools: Making edits on specific portions of an image

Lesson 3:  Week of Mar 7

  • Using the crop tool
  • Using levels, curve and exposure tools
  • Introduction to using Photoshop Filters
  • Using Smart Objects and their purpose
  • How and why:  Selecting objects and adding them to a new layer
  • Using the Move Tool

Lesson 4:  Week of Mar 14

  • Adding and manipulating Text
  • Alternatives to Dodge and Burn tools—and why
  • Noise reduction options within Photoshop
  • Changing color and hue
  • Levels and curve adjustments
  • Selective color adjustments
  • Using Blending Modes

Lesson 5:  Week of Mar 28

  • Adding Canvas
  • Content Aware fill
  • Resizing
  • Adding atmosphere to images
  • Several of Lisa's creative techniques using these tools from Steps 1-5 to create inspired images



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